Programming Languages & Structured Programming

Programming Languages:
  • The language used in the communication of computer instruction is known as the Programming language.
  •  The computer has its own language called binary language means computer can only understands binary language instructions. But it is very difficult to understand.
  •  Normally all the programming languages are written into high-level languages like English languages.
  • Some programming languages are C,C++,Java,Qbasic, etc.   
There are three levels of programming languages available.
  1.  Machine language (low level languages)
  2. Assembly (or symbolic) language
  3. Procedure-oriented languages( high level languages)   
1.Machine Language:
  •  Machine language means low level languages normally human can’t understand easily. This language includes binary code like o and 1 only.
  • It is very difficult to understand.
  • There is no need of any compiler.
  • It is very fast language because there is no translation process

  • It very difficult to understand
  • Difficult to debug a program
  • We need very deep knowledge of hardware   
2.Assembly Language:
  • It is also known as symbolic language it includes some symbols and letters to write a program instead of writing a binary code.
  • For example, ADD or A is used as a symbolic operation code represent addition and SUB or S is used for subtraction
  • There was very difficult to write a code using binary code so the solution of this problem is Assembly language it uses some symbols and letters instead of writing a binary code
  • Translator program is required to translate the Assembly Language to machine language. This translator program is called Assembler.
  • It is considered to be a second-generation language.
  • It is easy to understand compare to low level language
  • Easy to debug a program
  • We need very deep knowledge of hardware
  • Slower compare to low level languages because it require assembler to conversion process.
3.High level Language:
  • High level languages is more user friendly, human can easily understand this type of languages.  
  • These languages consists of a set of words and symbols and one can write programs using these in conjunctions with certain rules like ‘ENGLISH’ language.
  • It is like a English language so to understand to computer we need to convert it into low level language because computer can only understand low level language.
  • So there  is compiler used to convert it into low level language
  • The most important characteristics of a high level language is that it is machine independent and a program written in a high level language can be run on computers of different makes with little or no modification.
  • It is very easy to understand compare to low level and Assembly language
  • Easy to debug a program
  •  Slower compare to low level and Assembly languages because it require Compiler or Interpreter to convert high level language into machine code.

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