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Communication Skills


Knowing how to communicate clearly and effectively in the workplace is a key to success. Communication Skills, Second Edition focuses on the importance of solid speaking, writing, listening, and conversational skills for thriving in the workplace. The book also covers additional communication skills that are useful in specific situations, such as techniques for conducting structured and productive meetings.

Author : Ferguson
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Communication Skills by Rechard Ellis


Essential reading for young professionals on the first rung of their career ladders, this second edition is an up-to-date and invaluable guide to improved communication skills, designed to develop the ambitious individual’s prospects in their chosen profession. Tackling a broad range of different communication skills in careful detail, the book also contains guidance for the ongoing development of these skills, ...

Author : Richard Ellis
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Fundamentals of Computers

fundamentals of computers

The fifth edition of highly acclaimed “Fundamentals of Computers” lucidly presents how a computer system functions, besides teaching basics of programming. Both hardware and software aspects of computers are covered. The book begins with how numeric and character data are represented in a computer, how various input and output units function, how different types of memory units are organized and how data ...

Author : V.Rajaraman
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Computer Fundamentals

computer fundamentals

This is an ideal book that helps in understanding the fundamentals of personnel computing. The book has a descriptive approach of teaching the use of a PC-the brief analysis of its hardware, software, and the components that are required to build up a PC. Whether it s the unknown hardware components, the mysterious software or the endless world of Internet; ...

Author : Larry Long
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Mathematics1 for BCA Students

Author : Dr. Kulbhushan Prakash, Dr. Yogesh Kumar Goyal, Rajni Bhalla
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