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Software Engineering

Our new Indian original book on software engineering covers conventional as well as current methodologies of software development to explain core concepts, with a number of case studies and worked-out examples interspersed among the chapters. Current industry practices followed in development, such as computer aided software engineering, have also been included, as are important topics like ‘Widget based GUI’ and ‘Windows Management System’. The book also has coverage on interdisciplinary topics in software engineering that will be useful for software professionals, such as ‘quality management’, ‘project management’, ‘metrics’ and ‘quality standards’. Features Covers both function oriented as well as object oriented (OO) approach Emphasis on emerging areas such as ‘Web engineering’, ‘software maintenance’ and ‘component based software engineering’ A number of line diagrams and examples Case Studies on the ATM system and milk dispenser Includes multiple-choice, objective-type questions and frequently asked questions with answers.

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