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Statistics: Problems and Solutions

What is most valuable about this book is the very high quality of the model solutions It is a problem book for those teaching or learning a first course in mathematical statistics This one is outstandingly good and highly recommended.Goeff CohenUniversity of Edinburgh, ScotlandThe authors of this useful book take the view that the ability to solve practical problems is fundamental to an understanding of statistical techniques The book is designed to be read alongside a standard text. I expect it is likely to be most useful to the teacher or to the able student forced to work largely alone.David GreenThis book not only provides a solution to each problem set but gives notes about that solution. These notes should help students to understand the reasoning behind the techniques used, so giving them confidence to deal with problems of a similar nature This book should prove a valuable addition to the library of students and teachers of statistics.M J G AnsellHatfield PolytechnicThe book consists of aseries of examples, each followed by one or more alternative solutions and accompanying notes. The solutions themselves are useful models. The notes go one stage further and explain why particular techniques were chosen to solve each problem. This approach may help to overcome the common difficulty of deciding which method to choose when answering examination questions The book is easy to read and suitable for individual study.Richard J FieldThese notes provide fascinating insights into the process that experienced statisticians go through in order to solve a problem. Students (and maybe some instructors) will benefit greatly from going through the solutions and the notes in thisbook.Gudmund R IversenSwarthmore CollegeThe approach of the authors is to improve a students understanding of statistics, and to help students appreciate which techniques might be appropriate for any problem.Zentralblatt Math., 2001

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