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Java: A Beginner S Guide

java beginners guide

The author begins by explaining why Java is the preeminent programming language of the Internet, how it relates to object-oriented programming (OOP), and the general form of a Java program. Then it’s on to data types, operators, control statements, classes, objects, and methods. Next, learn about inheritance, exception handling, the I/O system, and multithreading. More advanced topics such as generics, ...

Author : Herbert Schildt
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Java Handbook

java handbook

This is a comprehensive handbook which starts with the basics, and then provides detailed coverage of every important aspect of Java programming, including: a primer on object-oriented programming and a detailed discussion of Java Language constructs; complete coverage of all Java Developer’s Kit 1.0 class libraries; lessons on advanced Java features such as multi-threading, networking, and GUI programming; working code ...

Author : Naughton
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Core Java 2

core java

This new fifth edition includes thorough explanations of inner classes, dynamic proxy classes, exception handling, debugging, the Java event model, Input/Output, file management, and much more. Includes information on building GUI applications with Swing classes, making the most of dynamic proxy classes and inner classes, and more. The CD-ROM contains complete source code examples, the Java 2, Standard Edition, Version ...

Author : Cay S. Horstmann, Gary Cornell
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