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Computer Networks

computer networks

This is one of the best Study Materials for CS-09 ” Networking” MCA III Semester Students. In this book, question papers of the previous year exams as well as their solutions have been given. In this book, you can also identify the problems and their solutions.All things are as per the Syllabus. No other Study Material can give you more ...

Author : Ajit Kumar Singh, Singh
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Computer Networks

computer networks1

Get all you need to know with Super Reviews! Each Super Review is packed with in-depth, student-friendly topic reviews that fully explain everything about the subject. The Computer Networks Super Review begins with an introduction to computer networks and goes on to cover network architecture, the physical layer, the data-link layer, the network layer, local area networks, high speed networks, ...

Author : Randall Raus
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Computer Networks: A Systems Approach

computer networks systems approach

This best-selling and classic book teaches you the key principles of computer networks with examples drawn from the real world of network and protocol design. Using the Internet as the primary example, the authors explain various protocols and networking technologies. Their systems-oriented approach encourages you to think about how individual network components fit into a larger, complex system of interactions. ...

Author : Larry L. Peterson, Bruce S. Davie
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Beginning ASP.NET


The definitive programming guide to ASP.NET, by popular author and Microsoft MVP Imar Spaanjaars Updated for ASP.NET 4, this introductory book retains its helpful examples and step-by-step format from the previous version and keeps the style of offering code examples written in both C# and Visual Basic. Beloved author and Microsoft ASP.NET MVP walks you through ASP.NET, Microsoft’s technology for ...

Author : Imar Spaanjaars
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Beginning ASP.NET 4.5 in VB

beginning 4.5

This book is the most comprehensive and up to date introduction to ASP.NET ever written. Focusing solely on Visual Basic, with no code samples duplicated in other languages, award winning author Matthew MacDonald introduces you to the very latest thinking and best practices for the ASP.NET 4.5 technology. Assuming no prior coding experience, you’ll be taught everything you need to ...

Author : Matthew MacDonald
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Beginning ASP.NET in VB .NET

beginning in vb

Beginning ASP.NET in VB .NET guides you through Microsoft’s technology for building dynamic websites. This book will enable you to build dynamic web pages on the fly, and it assumes only the most basic knowledge of Visual Basic .NET. The book provides exhaustive coverage of ASP.NET, guiding you from your first steps right up to the most advanced techniques, such ...

Author : Matthew MacDonald
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Core Php Programming

core php programming

Core PHP Programming, Third Edition is the authoritative guide to the new PHP 5 for experienced developers. Top PHP developer Leon Atkinson and PHP 5 contributor/Zend Engine 2 co-creator Zeev Suraski cover every facet of real-world PHP 5 development, from basic syntax to advanced object-oriented development — even design patterns! It’s all here: networking, data structures, regular expressions, math, configuration, graphics, ...

Author : Leon Atkinson, Zeev Suraski
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