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E-Commerce: The Cutting Edge of Business presents the technology and processes behind e-commerce and e-governance. It also underscores the importance of security of transactions in the electronic environment. With such an extensive coverage, the book will be useful to people in trade and commerce and to businesses which are trying to expand using Internet and intranet commerce. Students and teachers ...

Author : Kamlesh K. Bajaj, Debjani Nag, Kamlesh K. Bajaj
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Electronic Commerce

Electronic Commerce kalakota

How do you manage electronic commerce? What is the technology behind electronic commerce? Electronic Commerce: A Manager’s Guide is the ideal starting point for business managers and professionals involved with electronic commerce, as well as professionals/users who want to keep abreast of the latest trends and issues in management practices affected by electronic commerce technology. Authors Ravi Kalakota and Andrew Whinston take a down-to-earth ...

Author : Ravi Kalakota
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E-Commerce, Fundamentals And Applications


This book explores the full range of technologies, protocols, and techniques necessary for building successful e-commerce sites. Placing this technical know-how in business context, the authors walk readers through actual e-commerce applications, from Internet payment systems to Web advertising and publishing. It is a running case study depicting a Virtual Book Store (VBS), step-by-step programming exercises, and real-world examples round ...

Author : Henry Chan, Raymond Lee, Tharam Dillon, Elizabeth Chang
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