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Introduction to windows


What is WINDOWS 95/98?   Windows 95/98 is an operating system, an operating system perform two tasks. ▪  Provides interface between user and the computer, ▪  Controls the resources (Parts) of the computer.   Advantage of Windows 95/98: ▪  Easier to learn and use. ▪  Allows the user to work on multiple applications simultaneously. You can type a letter while printing another one. ▪  Runs ... Read More »



 File Menu                                                                            New – Opens a new document. When you click on this option it will open a new blank Microsoft word document. Open – ... Read More »

MS WORD Introduction

introduction to ms word

Microsoft Word is a powerful tool to create professional looking documents. Microsoft Word is currently one of the most commonly used applications for creating critical documents such as reports, letters, business plans, and more for the World Wide Web and for print. The newest version of Word extends this tradition by giving users the tools they need to streamline the ... Read More »

MS WORD Standard Toolbar

MS WORD Standard Toolbar

Below are some of the more commonly used buttons on the standard toolbar: New – Use this to start with a blank new document. Open – Use this to open a document you already have. Save – Use this to save your document.  If you have not saved it before, Word will also ask for a name for the document. Print – Use this ... Read More »

MS WORD Page Layout

page setup

You can also adjust the margins of your entire page, as well as other options.  To do this choose File from the top Menu bar and then choose Page Setup… from the drop down menu. Read More »

MS WORD Saving Your Document

save dialogbox

When you are ready to save your file you can just click the Save button .  If you have saved the file before, Word will simply resave it.  If you have never saved it before Word will ask for a name:   Keeping track of where you save your files is one of the best ways to avoid frustration and keep from throwing ... Read More »

MS WORD Printing A Document

print dialog

The moment of truth!  You are ready to print out your creation.  There are two methods, each with different results.   Just print the sucker method: To do this simple click the Print button .  Your document will print out according to all default settings.  This means all of its pages, on your printer, in normal quality mode. Alter the setup then print method:  ... Read More »

MS WORD Cut, Copy, Paste

MS WORD Cut, Copy, Paste

Copy There are 2 ways to copy a passage or word in your document but first the  passage you wish to copy must be highlighted.  Both methods will make a copy of the text and keep it on the clipboard until you copy or cut the next passage. Once it is on the clipboard you can paste it in another location ... Read More »

MS WORD Inserting Clipart


Click on “Insert” in the top menu bar Click on “Picture” from the drop down menu Click on “Clip Art…” from the side menu This will bring up the Clip Gallery window Here you can pick a category and view the available images When you find one you like, click on it to select it, and then click the “Insert” button Read More »

MS WORD AutoCorrect & AutoText


Autocorrect: Word automatically corrects many commonly misspelled words and punctuation marks with the AutoCorrect feature. To view the list of words that are automatically corrected, select Tools|AutoCorrect. This may be a hidden feature so click the double arrows at the bottom of the Tools menu listing if the AutoCorrect choice is not listed.   It can also cause confusion if you don’t realize ... Read More »

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