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Internet WWW

Give the Introduction of WWW and Explain its working


WWW stands for world  wide web provide to access a variety of information in a simplifies manner to the user on computer network. In sort it is used to access the information on the internet.

▪  A WWW computer system consists of a computer called web server and the information offered to the users is stored on the web server in the form of web pages. A number of tools are used to create these web pages and the most common of all is the hypertext markup language (HTML).  These web pages can be viewed using a web browser.

▪  The WWW offers an approach which does not require learning of commands as one can simply read the text provided on the web page screen and select the item to view. Thus many different “trails” of information can be followed. It is one of the most popular mean of browsing the internet as it is very user friendly.

▪  Here a single HTML document can be linked to WWW pages that exist on the other computer systems anywhere in the world. Therefore a user can surf the internet from anywhere in the world without any effort.

How WWW Works:

▪  The WWW system is a based on client/server architecture. A web client is used to send request for information to any web server that stores the request information.

▪  A web-server is a program that, accept the request and sends the requested document to the requesting client.

▪  Typically the client program runs on a separate machine from the server, the server takes care of all the issues related to document storage, whereas the task presenting the information to the user is left to the client program.

▪  The communication between web-server and browser(client) is as follows.

▪  User connects to the website using browser. The web-server that contains the website that displays that requested website.

▪  The protocol that web-server and client used to communicate with each other is called Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP).

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