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MS EXCEL Errors in Formulas

Errors in Formulas

When a formula is prevented to run normally, Excel will notify you with an error message. Each error message helps users identify the problem they are facing. The following table lists common Excel errors that you might face.

Error Meaning How to Fix
####  The column is too narrow to display theresult of calculation Widen the column 
#VALUE  Wrong type of argument or reference Check operands and arguments
#DIV/0!  Data is attempting to divide by zero  Change the value or the cell referenceso that the formula doesn’t divide by


#NAME?  Formula is referencing an invalid name Be sure the name still exists or correctthe misspelling
#REF!  Excel can’t locate the referencedcells(for example, the cells were


Click Undo to restore references andthen change formula references


#NULL  Reference to intersection of two areasthat do not intersect Check for typing and reference errors 

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