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MS EXCEL filtering


Filtering is a quick and easy way to find and work with a subset of data in a range. A filtered range displays only the rows that meet the criteria you specify for a column. Microsoft Excel provides two commands for filtering ranges:

  • AutoFilter, which includes filter by selection, for simple criteria
  • Advanced Filter, for more complex criteria

Unlike sorting, filtering does not rearrange a range. Filtering temporarily hides rows you do not want displayed.

When Excel filters rows, you can edit, format, chart, and print your range subset without rearranging or moving it.

Auto filter

When you use the AutoFilter command, AutoFilter arrows nameappear to the right of the column labels in the filtered range. Auto filter is used to filter a data from the table this feature displays the subset of data without moving or sorting of data

Searching an item from a drop down list hides all rows except rows that contain the selected value.


1. Select Data menu àFilteràauto filter

2. Now from drop down box select your criteria that you want.


Filter enables you to types of criteria’s

All: display All Records

Custom: display records according to user defined (custom) criteria

Top-ten: displays top 10 records only.

You use custom AutoFilter to display rows that contain either one value or another. You can also use custom AutoFilter to display rows that meet more than one condition for a column; for example, you might display rows that contain values within a specific range.

Advanced Filter

The Advanced Filter command can filter a range in place like the AutoFilter command, but it does not display drop-down lists for the columns. Instead, you type the criteria you want to filter by in a separate criteria range above the range. A criteria range allows for more complex criteria to be filtered.


1.      Select Data that you want to filter

2.      Select Data menu àFilteràAdvance filter

3.      The following dialog box will be displayed.

advanced filter


List Range: here in list range select the data on which you want to apply filtering.

Criteria Range: this is the criteria cell where you have to add the criteria of each fields

Copy to: this is the location where you want to display your data.

4.      After doing such task, click ok button.

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