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MS EXCEL key concepts


Workbook is a similar to notebook and contains the numerous individual pages or documents. the  individual pages are known as work sheets which contains the data.



A worksheet is a grid of columns and row and intersection of each columns and row from a cell.



The cell is a basic element of a worksheet and is used to hold a value, formula or object.

Each cell is identified by a unique cell references mode up of the column name and followed by row number.



A column is a vertical group of cells identified with a letter from A to IV. Each sheet contains 256 columns.



A Row refers to a horizontal group of cells identified by a number from 1 to 65,536



A Range is a rectangle group of cells.



A region is a rectangle range of cells bounded by a blank rows and columns.



▪  Autocorrect feature checks your spelling as you enter a data and automatically correct commonly misspelled words as you type them.

▪  Frequently misspelled words can be added to autocorrect dictionary by two ways.

  1. When a misspelled words is found, you can right click on that word select add to Autocorrect dictionary.
  2. goto tool menu->Autocorrect and dialog box will appear enter the misspelled word in replace box and the correct spelling in the with box.


Wrap text

▪  It breakup a long text value into a several lines written the cell. The cell width remain unchanged

▪  If you change the column width the wrap points change dynamically.

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