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MS EXCEL Logical Functions

Logical Functions

Logical Functions is a statement that produces a value is either 0 (means false) or 1(means True).

Function Description
IF() Checks weather a condition is met, and returns one value if true and another value if false.
Syntax =IF(condition,value_if_true,value_if_false)
Example =IF(A1>0,”Positive”,”Negative”)
Output If A1=10 then o/p=PositiveIf A1=-2 then o/p=Negative
AND() Returns True if all the logical arguments are true otherwise False
Syntax =AND (logical1, logical2 …)
Example =AND (A1>0,A1>1,A1>2)
Output If A1=10, o/p=TrueIf A1=1, o/p=False
OR() Returns True if one or more arguments is true, Returns False if all the logical arguments are false
Syntax = OR (logical1, logical2…)
Example = OR (A1>0,A1>1,A1>2)
Output If A1=1, o/p=True
NOT() Returns the opposite of the logical value means changes false to true , or true to false. Use NOT() when you are sure a value is not equal to particular value.
Syntax =NOT (logical)
Example Output
=NOT(False) true
=NOT(A1>0) If A1=5 then o/p=False,if A1=-2 then o/p=True

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