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MS EXCEL Mathematical functions

Mathematical functions

Mathematical functions are among the most widely used functions in Excel.

Function Description
ABS() Returns the absolute value of a number without its sign.
Syntax =ABS(number)
Example =ABS(-2)
Output 2
CEILING() Returns the number rounded up, away from zero, to the nearest & multiple of significance.
Syntax =CEILING(number, significance)
Example =CEILING(2.5,1)=CEILING(-2.5,-2)


Output (1)  3(2)  -4

(3)  #NUM!

FLOOR() Rounds number down towards Zero, to the nearest multiple of significance.
Syntax =FLOOR(number, significance)
Example =FLOOR(2.5,1)=FLOOR(-2.5,-2)


Output (1)  2(2)  -2

(3)  #NUM!

EVEN() Returns a positive number up and negative number down to the nearest even integer.
Syntax =EVEN(number)
Example =EVEN(1.5)=EVEN(3)



Output (1)  2(2)  4

(3)  2

(4)  -2

ODD() Calculates the mean (arithmetic average) of a range of cells.
Syntax =ODD(number)
Example =ODD(1.5)=ODD(3)




Output (1)     3(2)     3

(3)     3

(4)     -1

(5)     -3

EXP() Returns the raised to the power of a given number. The constant e equals 2.7182, the base of natural logarithm.
Syntax =EXP(number)
Example =EXP(1)=EXP(2)e
Output (1)  2.7182(2)  7.3890
FACT() Returns the factorial of a number. The factorial of a number is equal to “1*2*3*…..*number”.
Syntax =FACT(number)
Example =FACT(5)=FACT(1.9)



Output (1)  120(1*2*3*4*5)(2)  1

(3)  1

(4)  #NUM!

POWER() Return the result of a number raised to a power.
Syntax =POWER(number, power)
Example =POWER(5,2)
Output 25
INT() Rounds a number down to the nearest integer.
Syntax =INT(number)
Example =INT(8.9)=INT(-8.9)
Output (1)  8(2)  -9
TRUNC() Truncates a number to an integer by removing the decimal or fractional part of the number.
Syntax =TRUNC(number,num-digits)
Example =TRUNC(8.9)
Output 8
MOD() Returns the remainder after a number is divided by a divisor. “The result has the same sign as divisor.”
Syntax =MOD(number, divisor)
Example =MOD(3,2)
Output 1
PRODUCT() Multiplies all the number given as arguments and returns the product.
Syntax =PRODUCT(number1, number2,…..)
Example =PRODUT(5,15,30)
Output 2250
SQRT() Returns a positive square root.
Syntax =SQRT(number)
Example =SQRT(16)
Output 4
ROUND() Rounds a number to a specified number of digits.
Syntax =ROUND(number, num-digit)
Example =ROUND(2.15,1)
Output 2.2
ROUND DOWN() Rounds a number down towards zero.
Syntax =ROUND DOWN(number, num-digits)
Example =ROUND DOWN(3.2,0)
Output 3
ROUND UP() Rounds a number up away from zero.
Syntax =ROUND UP(number, num-digit)
Example =ROUND UP(3.2,0)
Output 4
SUMIF() Add the cells specified by a given condition or criteria.
Syntax =SUMIF(range, criteria, sum-range)


Propertyvalue Commission














Output 63000
LOG() Returns the logarithm of a number to the base you specify.
Syntax =LOG(number, base)
Example =LOG(10)=LOG(8,2)
Output (1)  1(2)  3
LOG10() Returns the base 10 logarithm of a number.
Syntax =LOG10(number)
Example =LOG10(86)=LOG10(10)
Output (1)  1.934498451(2)  1

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