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MS EXCEL Paste Special Command

Paste Special Command in Ms Excel

▪  Select the range of data that contain the items or attributes you wish to copy.

▪  From the Edit menu, click Copy.OR press Ctrl+C

▪  Highlight the cell where you want to place the range.

▪  From the Edit menu, click Paste Special.

paste special


From the Paste Special dialog box displayed, under the Paste section, choose All or All except borders option. Other options included:

paste special1


·  Under Operation section, specify which mathematical operation, if any, you want to apply to the copied data.

paste special2


▪  To avoid replacing values in your paste area when blank cells occur in the copy area, select Skip blanks check box.

▪  To change columns of copied data to rows, or vice versa, select Transpose check box.

▪  Click OK button when finish.

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