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MS EXCEL Pivot Table

Pivot Table

A PivotTable report is an interactive table that you can use to quickly summarize large amounts of data. You can rotate its rows and columns to see different summaries of the source data, filter the data by displaying different pages, or display the details for areas of interest.

Say you have a list of data as given in the worksheet. Open the worksheet now, the data looks like this;






Rohan Surat Accounts Officer


Dilnawaz Surat Accounts Programmer


Keval Bombay Accounts Manager


Rima Bombay Admin Programmer


Anuj Delhi Admin Clerk


Dipika Bombay Admin Manager


Nimesh Baroda Admin Manager


Rehan Surat Finance Clerk


Krunal Delhi Finance Officer


Jinal Surat Service Clerk


Sweta Baroda Service Officer



To create a Pivot Table, first highlight any cell in the data, and then click on the menu Data – PivotTable and Pivot Chart Report… You should see the following dialog.

pivot table and pivot chart


The Pivot Table Wizard dialog appears. For now, you want to analyze the data contained in the Excel list, so click the Next button. This sends you to the next dialog, which shows the range containing the data you wish to analyze. Excel automatically selects all the data in a contiguous range about the highlighted cell, that means this step is all done for you so just click Next.

pivot table and pivot chart1


The third dialog asks whether you want to put the pivot table on the existing worksheet or on a new sheet. Do not click “Finish” yet – select “New Worksheet” then click the Layout button.

pivot table and pivot chart2


The Layout dialog shows the headings across the top of your Excel list as buttons, which you can use in your Pivot Table.

pivot table and pivot chart3


You can click-and-drag the buttons on the right of the form to any of four areas on the Pivot Table. The Page area will be explained later. For now, drag “Dept” and “Designation” to the Row area, “EmpName” to the Column area, and “Salary” to the Data area. Your dialog should look like this;

pivot table and pivot chart4


Click Ok, and then click Finish. You now have a Pivot Table that summarizes your data.

pivot table and pivot chart5


Pivot table also provides the chart facility in which you can modify the chart that is to hide the record you want

pivot table and pivot chart6


pivot table and pivot chart7

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