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MS EXCEL Using Chart Wizard

Using Chart Wizard to Create a Chart

Step-1 Select the range that you want to Plot in chart.

Step-2   After selecting an area click-on to Insert menu, then click on Chart. 

insert chart


The Chart Wizard – Step 1 of 4 Chart Type menu screen will appear.

 Step-3 Excel display step 1 of the ChartWizard

chart wizard


The Chart Wizard shows the various types of charts in Chart type:  Such as Area, Bar, Column, Line, Pie, etc

Examples of the selected chart type show on the right under Chart sub-type.  We’ll stay with Column and the chart selected for now. Then Click Next Button.

Step-4 Excel display step 2 of the ChartWizard

chart wizard1


The Wizard (on the last page) shows you what your chart will look like.  The “ranges” you selected originally areshown in the Data range: area.  If you did not highlight as indicated, your chart won’t “look right.”  Your chart should look like the example above.  If you click-on the Series tab at the top of the Wizard screen, you’ll see a new Wizard screen that shows you where the Income and Expenses series came from.  Click-back on the Data range tab at the top. Now click-in the little circle in front of Columns.  The Wizard will indicate that the chart has been “rotated” 90 degrees and thus the axis has changed.  This is often called a “pivot.” Click-back in the small circle in front of Rows.  Click Next again.

Step-5 Excel display step 3 of the ChartWizard

chart wizard2


The Chart Wizard Step 3 of 4 menu will appear: Titles (similar to the image above).   Click-in the blank area underChart Title.  A flashing cursor will appear.  Type-in your name with an apostrophe (‘) s and the word Budget (ex. Janie’s Budget).  Now, clickin the area under Category (X) axis: and type in Months.  Next, clickin the area underValue (Y) axis: and type in Dollars.  You probably noticed that as you entered these titles, the chart in the area on the right of the Wizard changed to give you an “instant” preview of your final chart.  You will also notice that there are several tabs at the top of the Wizard.  Click-on each of the tabs and see what “they do”.  Notice how some change axis and put in grid lines.  The legend is the small box on the right, which indicates what the colors of the “bars” represent (Income and Expenses). Click Next one last time.  The Step 4 page of the Wizard will nowappear (image at the top of the next page)

Step-6 Excel display step 4 of the ChartWizard

chart wizard3


This is the final Wizard page.  You’ll notice that it asks you where you want to put your chart.  Since this is your first chart, it is best if you select As a new sheet: (see arrow above).  This will put your chart on anew tab called Chart 1.  Now click-on Finish, You’ll see that you chart has a tab of its own at the bottom of the screen, and “fills” an entire screen.

Moving the Chart

Moving the chart around in a spreadsheet is simple. There are basically two different ways:

  • Click on the Chart and drag it to an appropriate place.
  • Click on the Chart, use the Move option (CTRL+V), and then click on another cell and use the Paste option (CTRL+V).

Deleting a Chart

Click a blank area in the chart you want to delete. Handles appear around the chart. Press the

DELETE key on the keyboard to delete the chart.

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