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MS WORD Assignment

1.Write three paragraph about your college and perform the following command.

a)      Give Autotext of your college name.

b)      Give the Autocorrect for the word “Computer”.

c)      Use Header and Footer.Insert picture logo in Header and in Footer.Insert ‘Page No 1’ as centered aligned using Page format.

d)     Use Character spacing upto 1.5pt.

e)      Record a macro of your college address with proper formatting.

f)       Apply 3-D Border in Page and set width 41/2  pt.

g)      Apply Drop Cap effect on 1st paragraph.

h)      Apply shading on the 2nd Paragraph.

i)        Insert Date and Time at the Top Left corner of the page and allows update automatically.

j)        Apply Protection to the Document file.



2.Create Certificate for 10 students using Mail Merge Feature





This is to certify that <Miss>  <FirstName>  <LastName>  (Roll No – <RollNo>) has successfully completed her project work named <ProjectName> at <Company> as a partial fulfillment to the requirement for the degree of BCA. with Computer Application for the year 2009 –2010.




3.Perform the following.

a)      The first document displays FYBCA student information as Seat No. name,Father-name, address ,city,phone,email.[input atleast 5 records]

b)      Apply proper formatting .

c)      Use Table to store data.

d)     Apply link on Student Seat No with his/her marksheet in the second document.

e)      In the second document ,prepare all student’s marksheet of FYBCA using table.Apply proper formatting.

f)       Each marksheet must be on individual page on second document.

g)      Protect both the document.


4.Perform the following:-

a)      Apply bold,italic,and underline on 1st, 2nd and 3rd paragraph respectively.

b)      Apply 3 columns on 2nd paragraph

c)      Apply drop cap on 3rd paragraph up to only 2 lines.

d)     Apply 1.5 and double line spacing on 1st and 3rd paragraph.

e)      Insert picture behind the 3rd paragraph.

f)       Insert “EXTERNAL”  and  “EXAM” using word art between paragraphs.

g)      Replace the word “ example” with their synonym in 3rd paragraph.

h)      Apply toggle case on 3rd paragraph.

i)        Provide bullets and Numbering.

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