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MS WORD AutoCorrect & AutoText


Word automatically corrects many commonly misspelled words and punctuation marks with the AutoCorrect feature. To view the list of words that are automatically corrected, select Tools|AutoCorrect. This may be a hidden feature so click the double arrows at the bottom of the Tools menu listing if the AutoCorrect choice is not listed.



It can also cause confusion if you don’t realize the settings will catch and correct such things as catching two initial caps, capitalizing the first word of a sentence, and replacing words as you type that have been set up in auto correct.


AutoText :

AutoText is the way to store and retrieve “boilerplate” text, graphics, etc. To create an AutoText item, first highlight the item, then choose Tools,  AutoCorrect, AutoText. A suggested name will be given (names can be up to 32 characters and spaces), or you can give your own name. Click the Add button.



Now when you start typing “The University” you should see a screen tip giving you the opportunity to press Enter and accept the rest of the paragraph. If you do not want to enter this paragraph, simply keep typing and ignore the screen tip. If, for some reason, the screen tip doesn’t appear, it is possible AutoComplete has been turned off. Here are instructions to turn it on (or off).

Turn on or off AutoComplete

1. On the Insert menu, point to AutoText, and then click AutoText.

2. Select or clear the Show AutoComplete tip for AutoText and dates check box.

After you select the check box, Microsoft Word will display a ScreenTip when you type the first few characters of a date or AutoText entry, at which point you can insert the entry or continue typing.

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