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MS WORD Cut, Copy, Paste

There are 2 ways to copy a passage or word in your document but first the  passage you wish to copy must be highlighted.  Both methods will make a copy of the text and keep it on the clipboard until you copy or cut the next passage. Once it is on the clipboard you can paste it in another location or in another  document.
1.  Click Edit, Copy.
2.  Press the Ctrl key and the C key simultaneously.
There are 4 ways to cut highlighted text from a document.
1.  Click Edit, Cut.
2.  Press the Ctrl key and the X key simultaneously.
3.  Press the button on the toolbar with the scissors.
4.  Press the delete key.  This method will not retain the text on the clipboard.
Once a section is cut or copied it can be pasted where ever the cursor is located in
that document or in another document in 2 ways:
1.  Click Edit, Paste.
2.  Press the Ctrl key and the V key simultaneously.

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