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MS WORD Header and footer

A header or footer is text that prints at the top (header) or bottom (footer) of every page of a document. Headers and footers can be used to show the page number and document file path.

To add a header or footer to your document, or to edit existing headers or footers select Header and Footer from the View menu. Regular document text is dimmed, and the Header and Footer toolbar is displayed

header and footer


Enter the header or footer text and format using the normal Word editing techniques.

Click the Close button on the Header and Footer toolbar to return to the document.

 insert autotext Inserts an AutoText entry  page setup dialog Opens the Page Setup dialog box so you can set margins
 number Inserts a page number code  show hide columns text Shows or hides document text
 total number of pages Inserts the total number of pages  switch between header and footer Switches between header and footer
 formate page number Formats the page number  Shows the previous header or footer Shows the previous header or footer
 date code Inserts a date code  Shows the next header or footer Shows the next header or footer
 time Inserts a time code  close Closes the Header/Footer toolbar 

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