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MS WORD Mail Merge

Mail Merge is a very important Microsoft word utility through this our work is reduced. Eg. Suppose you want to invite your 100 friends in your birthday party, in this situation you have to type 100 letters but writing 100 letters is very tedious task. Here the solution is Mail merge, in mail merge you have to type letter only one time all the recipients list will be merge in to your document dynamically.      Mail merge is joining a Data source, such as an address book, with a Microsoft Word document. When the two are joined, or merged, you can print the results onto letters, or labels, or onto an envelope directly.

 Creating a Mail Merge

To create the Mail Merge, do the following

  • Open a new Microsoft Word document so that you are looking at a fresh page
  • Click on Tools from the menu bar
  • From the drop down menu, click “Mail Merge”

mail merge


Another dialogue box appears, the Mail Merge Helper dialogue box. If you don’t get the dialogue box, but have a menu appears instead, click on Options. You should get the image below:

mail merge1


There’s only two buttons working when the Mail Merge Helper dialogue box appears – Create and Cancel. So click on the Create button to see the drop down list

mail merge2


The one we want is Mailing Labels, so click on that option with your left mouse button. Another dialogue box appears

microsoft word mail merge


This is asking you where you want your Mail Merge document to appear. Do you want it in the same document that you have open (Active Window), or a brand new document (New Main Document). For our purposes, it doesn’t really matter. But click Active window, if you like.


You are returned to the Helper dialogue box

mail merge3


You now need to set up a Data Source. This means, for us, an address book. Word will use this address book to create your Mail Merge document. So click the Get Data button. From the drop down list click “Create Date Source”

mail merge4


When you click Create Data Source, you’ll get this popping up:

create data source


This is a rather complicated dialogue box. But concentrate on the “Remove Field Name” button, and the list in the “Field names in header row” list box. The idea is that you remove the ones you don’t want. So click on “Job Title”. Then click the Remove Field Name button:

create data source1


Keep clicking the ones you don’t want then clicking the Remove Field Name button until you end up with the image below:

create data source2


When your dialogue box looks like the one above, click the OK button. You get the following message box.

mail merge5


Click the “Edit Data Source” button to set up a Data source.


This is the data box you get when the “Edit Data Source”  button is clicked. You can now start filling out your address.

data from mail merge


After you have filled out one address, click the “Add New” button, as in the image below

data from mail merge1


When the Add New button is clicked all the text boxes are blanked out, ready for you to enter your second address.

Enter your addresses, and then click the OK button when you have enough.

You are taken back to the Mail Merge Helper box. Click the “Merge” button at the bottom

mail merge6


You get one final dialogue box popping up.

mail merge final

Click the “Merge button. Word will now merge your Data Source to create your labels with addresses on them.


At this stage, you need to be aware of the two types of document that have been created. The one is the document that has been merged. In other words, it’s your finished product.

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