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MS WORD What is Macro

A macro is a shortcut to a task you do repeatedly. Think about the Centre align operation. Eg. If you need certain word, sentence or paragraph again and again at that time copy and paste is a very tedious task, so that to over come from this problem solution is macro. Macro is just like a recording.


1. Click Tools, Macro, Record New Macro the Record Macro dialog box opens.



2. Under Macro name type a short descriptive name with NO spaces.

3. Under Store macro in, select either all documents or the current document.   select All Document if you want to use this macro globally

4. Under Description, type a short description of what the macro will do. Include the date the macro was created and the creator.

5. Assign the macro to a Toolbar or Keyboard short cut .

6. Perform the actions you want to include in your macro. You can use the mouse to click commands and options, but the macro recorder cannot record mouse actions in a document window. To move the insertion point or select, copy, or  move text you must use keyboard commands.

7. The recording toolbar will allow you to stop, pause, and resume recording ,

To stop recording your macro, click Stop Recording, The macro is now saved

To stop recording your macro, click Stop Recording, The macro is now saved

stop macro



Using Keyboard




After accessing the Record Macro dialog box and naming the macro;

1. Click the Keyboard button the Customize Keyboard box opens.

customize keyboard


2. Strike Alt, Ctrl or Alt + Ctrl and a letter or number if the keyboard combination is taken the command will be displayed under currently

Assigned To:

3. Click the Assign button, then Close

4. Strike the keyboard command at any time to run the macro


Using Toolbar




1. Click the Toolbars button the Customize dialog box opens

customize toolbar


2. Under Command, find the macro you just named. Click on it and drag it to a place on the toolbar. the Modify Selection button becomes active

3. Click the Modify Selection button.



4. Use the menu to:

·  Create a shorter name for the macro

·  change button image

·  Set the default display

5. Click the Close button

6. Begin recording the macro


 Running a Macro

1)      Open the Tools menu, choose Macro then Macros.

2)      When you click on macros option all the macro lists will be listed, select the macro you want to run

3)      Press <Enter> or click on [Run].

 Deleting a Macro

To delete a macro when it is no longer needed, or to re-record a macro:

From the Tools menu, choose Macro and Macros. In the Macros dialog box, select the macro you want to delete, and choose Delete and Close.

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