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Power-Point Custom Animation

Custom Animation is a feature in Microsoft Office PowerPoint. It contains a list of effects that you can apply to objects to have them animate during the slide show

Animating text and objects
there are two ways to animate text and objects: Preset Animation and Custom Animation. Although Preset Animation is relatively simpler, we strongly recommend Custom Animation because it allows more control over animation. The instructions below pertain to Custom Animation only.

custome animation

  • Select Slide Show|Custom Animation from the menu bar.
  • Select the object on the slide that will be animated from the Check to animate slide objects list.
  • Under the Effects tab, select the animation type (or select “No Effect” to turn an animation off) and direction from the drop-down menus and select a sound if you wish.
  • Select an After animation effect if the text should change colors after the animation executes.
    • Color palette – Select one of the color swatches or click More Colors for a larger selection. The text will change to the selected color when the mouse is clicked during the slide show.
    • Don’t Dim – This option erases all After Animation effects.
    • Hide After Animation – Text will be immediately erased after the animation is completed.
    • Hide on Next Mouse click – The text will be erased when the mouse is clicked.
  • Choose the style of displaying the text under the Introduce text section. The drop-down menu provides options for displaying the characters for each bulleted item. Select “All at once” for the text to appear immediately, “by Word” for the text to appear one word at a time, or “by Letter” for a typewriter effect that displays one letter at a time.
  • Click the Order & Timing tab to alter the order that the objects appear on the slide. Highlight the object in the Animation order box and click the Move arrows to move the object’s position within the animation sequence. Under Start animation, choose “On mouse click” to activate the animation by clicking the mouse or “Automatically” for the animation to execute after a set number of seconds.

custome animation1

Click the Preview button at any time to preview the animation on the slide and click OKwhen finished

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