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Power-Point Slide Transitions

Transitions determine the effects applied when you move from one slide to another during an on-screen presentation.

1.    To choose a transition effect, select Slide Show < Slide Transition…

slide transition

2.    Select a transition effect from the drop down menu

3.    Choose the desired transition speed (Fast is always recommended in order not to lose the audience’s attention)

4.    Choose a sound to accompany the transition (optional and NOT recommended)

5.    Advance determines when the current slide proceeds to the next.

o    On mouse click advances the presentation to the next slide, or displays the next bullet point, only when you click the mouse. (You can also use the keyboard arrow keys or the spacebar.)

o    Automatically after xx seconds, makes the transition xx seconds after the preceding transition ended. NOTE: Make sure that if you select Automatically, that you remove the check in On mouse click.

6.    Choose Apply or Apply to All

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