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What is Email? explain its special features also explain its working


The most common use of internet is electronic mail popularly known as E-Mail. With the help of e-mail a user can send text, pictures, sounds, programs or even movies to another person residing anywhere in the world. There are two main advantages of e-mail, first is the SPEED at which delivery takes place and the second is its COST which is almost the same regardless of the distance.

Each user on the internet has a unique address. This address helps you in identifying a user whom you wish to send an e-mail. An e-mail address could be

Special features:

  1. Compared to postal mail it is easy to send e-mail as there is no use of postal stamps or envelopes.
  2. E-mails can be sent from ones computer desk and there is no need of visiting the post office.
  3. The messages are sent immediately and they are also saved on the computer itself.
  4. Paper work is not involved.
  5. It is not necessary that the person receiving the e-mail should be available.
  6. The physical location does not matter as the person residing anywhere in the world can receive it.
  7. E-mail can be received anywhere in the world with internet connection at almost no cost.

 Working of an e-mail: Every internet mail user has a unique e-mail. This e-mail address is in the format username@domainname example: To send an e-mail you need to know the hardware and software specification of the recipient.


  1. The sender composes the mail message using his mail client software. A mail client allows a user to compose, edit and sends the mail message. There are number of mail client software available such as Netscape Mail, outlook express, Eudora.
  2. After composing the mail message the user sends it to the recipients e-mail address. The message propagates across the internet before it reaches the mail server of the recipient. The domain name in the recipient’s e-mail address identifies his mail server and the user name identifies the recipient on that server.
  3. The recipient connects to his e-mail account on his mail server to read the messages sent to him. The recipient also uses a mail client to receive, save and print mail messages.

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