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Introduction to datastructure



Definition: –

Data may be organized in many ways the logical or mathematical model of particular organization of data is called a data structure.

The choice of a particular data model depends on two considerations.

  • “It must be rich enough in structure to mirror the actual relationships of the data is the real world.”
  • The structure should be simple enough that one can effectively process the data when necessary.


Primitive Data Structure: –

Data at their most primitive level within a computer that is the data structure that typically are directly operated upon by machine level instruction.

  1. Integer
  2. Real
  3. Char
  4. Pointer
  5. Logical


Non PrimitiveDataStructure: –

A data structure which is used the primitive data structure to build the further one and based on the logic it is called Non-Primitive data structure. Means to say it does not interact directly with machine level transaction.



  • Linear Data Structure :-

In linear data structure, data is stored Sequentially using memory locations. A list which displays the relationship of adjacency between elements is said to be linear.

          E.g. Array, Stack, Queue and Linked List.


  • Non-Linear Data Structure :-

In non-linear data structure, data is not stored Sequentially. A list which dose not have the relationship of adjacency between data element is said to be non-linear data structure.

                   E.g. Trees and Graphs.

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