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Design Documentation

Design document will cover all design aspects as a document.


1.   Design Specification: –

It addresses different aspects of the design module and it is completed as the designer refines this representation of the software. First the overall scope of the effort is describe here most of the information presented is derived from the system specification and the SRS.


2.   Data Design: –

It describes the data structure, any external file structure; internal data structure and a cross reference that connects data objects to a specific file are defined.


3.   Architectural Design: –

It indicates how the program architecture has been derived from the analysis model.


4.   Interfaces: –

The external and internal program interface is represented and detail design of the human machine interface describe.


5.   Components: –

It is also known as separately addressable elements of software such as subroutines, functions or procedures.


6.   Cross Reference: –

The design specification contains a requirement cross reference. The purpose of the cross reference normally it is represented as a simple matrix.

1)   To established that all requirements are satisfied by the software design.

2)   To indicate that which components are critical to the implementation of specific requirement.


7.   Design Constraints: –

Design constraints such as physical memory limitation or the necessity for a specialized external interface may dictate special requirements for packaging or assembling software.


8.   Final Section: –

The final section contain supplementary data, algorithm description, alternative procedures, tabular data and other relevant information are presented as supplementary nodes.

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