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Design is a meaningful engineering representation of something i.e. to be built. It can be traced to the customer requirement and at the same asset for quality against a set of predefines criteria. In the software engineering context design focuses on four measure area of concern.


1.   Data Design.

2.   Architecture Design.

3.   Interface Design.

4.   Components Design.


The concepts and principles of design should apply to these all four areas.


Design activity transform information in a manner which is ultimately results in validated computer software. Design task produces data design, an architectural design, an interface design and a component design.





1.   Data Design: –

The data design transforms the information domain model which is created during analysis into the data structure that will be required to implement the software. The data objects and relationships defined in the entity relationship diagram and the detail data content which is shown in the data dictionary proving the bases for the data design activity.


2.   Architecture Design: –

The architectural design defined the relationship between major structural elements of the software, the design patterns that can be used to achieve the requirement that have been defined for the system and the constraints that affect the way in which architectural design patterns can be applied. This design represents the frame work of a computer based system can be derived from the system specification.


3.   Interface Design: –

The interface design describes how the software communicates within itself with systems that interoperate with it and with people who use it. An interface implies a flow of information. E.g. data or control and a specification type of behavior therefore data and control flow diagram provides much of the information required for interface design.


4.   Components Design: –

The component level design transforms structural elements of the software architectural into a procedural description of software component. Information obtains from the process specification and control specifications save as the basis for component design.

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