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Process Specification: (PSEC)

Process Specification: (PSEC) –

Process specification is used to describe all flow model processes that appear at the final level of refinement. The content of the PSEC can include narrative text, a program design language (PDL), description of the process algorithm, mathematical equations, tables, diagrams or charts by providing a PSEC for each bubble in the flow model. The software engineer creates a mini specification that can serve as a first step in the equation of the SRS and as a guide for design of the software components that will implement the process.



E.g. Show password process, the process specification would be PSEC: process password. The process password transform performs all password validation for the system. Process password received a four digit password from the interaction with the user function. The password first compare to the master password stored within the system. If the master password matches then it will set valid id message = ‘TRUE’ and passed to the message and status to display function. If the master password does not match then it will allow for second and third trial. If it is again a wrong password then it will come out from the system.

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