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Digital and Analog Data

Digital and Analog Data: –


1.      Digital Data: 

Suppose we are standing on the hockey playground, The whistle is below in short bursts of high pitched sounds like, PEE, PE, PE, PE or it may have a long burst PEEEEEEE. Both of these whistles call Conway different meaning to the players. The first one is an indication to the players to start the game. The second long whistle is to stop the match immediately. The message conveyed by the burst of this sound energy in short pulses is very clear to all the players.

digital data

There is no chance of confusion even if the distance of a player is large from the referee. This is an example of Digital Data transmission. Short burst of sound energy are sent by the sender to the receiver and the receiver is able to understand it clearly. This type of digital data is as shown particularly in above figure.


2.      Analog Data: –

Suppose we are sitting in a concern hall where many musical instruments are being played by different players. Say one musician is playing Sitar and the other is playing Tabla. The harmony of sound coming out from these two instruments gives you the pleasure of listening. If there is any mismatch between the timing of the tune of Sitar and the Tabla, you get the unpleasantness and thus consider it a noise rather than music. This is an analog data communication. Both Sitar and Tabla are sending sound waves in the same sequence and there is a rhythm and harmony between the two.

A pictorial representation of analog signal is shown in below figure.

analog data

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