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Remove Write Protection Policy from Pen Drives


hey friends some time when u have enter your pandrive in to pc your and try to open it your  Pen Drive is showing some error while you pas anything into it and it was “Write Protected”, even when u have tried to format the Pen Drive still it was showing the same error. i give u techniques to solve ... Read More »

REPAIR Windows XP Operating System Without Bootable CD…!!


  REPAIR Windows XP Operating System Hello Friends Many Times the registry entries or files of our system got corrupted because of viruses or other reasons, in this case for repairing windows XP we format our system or repair windows xp by some other ways like by using Bootable cd method. But through this method we can repair our windows xp ... Read More »

Download Torrent Files With Internet download manager From High speed..!!


Download Torrent Files With IDM Hello friends  u all use torrent to download the movies software etc. but in torrents the file may be downloading and also be uploading so its simply effect on internet speed so today i teching u how to download torrent file using IDM with Full downloading speed..follow this following stapes…   1.First go to 2.Signup ... Read More »

Hack or crack IDM (Internet Download Manager)


  how to crack IDM   hello friends today i m give u tricks how to crack IDM for unlimited downloading. to do that follow this bellow stapes…   1. When you click on registration, Now a new dialog(window) appears that is asking for Name, Last Name, Email Address and Serial Key   2. now u have to enter any ... Read More »

List of some good proxy sites ! Now surf anonymously on the internet


facebook banned at college or at office No Problem now you can open anonymously   some good proxy sites Below is the list of some good proxy site which you can use to surf anonymously on the internet . Even you can use this proxy sites to open block website in school or offices. For example you can use facebook if it is block ... Read More »

Replace Current Password of your PC without knowing it.


  change Password of your PC Step-1→ Go To RUN then type LUSRMGR.MSC and press ENTER. Step-2→ Double click on USERS, Then Right click On the user which you want to change the password.   Step-3→Then click on SET PASSWORD. [Type the same password in both boxes.] Note=> There is no need to enter current password….   Now, if u ... Read More »

how to monitor your Local PC or Laptop?


how to monitor pc or laptop? If you are planning to monitor only your PC or any PC which you have control of, then you can blindly go for “Hardware Keyloggers” as they are the safest keyloggers and operate in a complete stealth. If you Still wanna Prefer Free Keyloggers then below is the list of Free keyloggers that will ... Read More »

Now Play Graphics games Without Graphics Card


   Play Graphics games Without Graphics Card 3d analyze is a Graphics Card Emulator(a nice little Software) that can emulate all the feature of a 3d graphics card like pixel shader 1.1, 1.4, 2.0, bump maps and a lots of stuff. If a game stops running on your system just because u don’t have a graphics card, don’t worry 3d analyze will ... Read More »

Control Laptop Through Mobile Phone


  Control Laptop Through Mobile Phone This is amazing trick is mobile phone u can control your laptop or pc using mobile phone download the following software and install in your pc and also install the mobile supportable file in to your mobile phone and start the both the application and your laptop or mobile Bluetooth are must be activated ... Read More »

Different PC Error And Its Solutions


  Different pc error and its solutions   1. MONITOR LED IS BLINKING Solution: Check all the connections like Monitor Cable, Data cables,RAM, Display Card , CPU connections. 2. CONTINUOS THREE BEEPS Solution: Problem in RAM Connection. 3. THREE BEEPS ( 1 Long 2 Short) Solution: Problem in Display Card Connection 4. THREE LONG BEEPS PERIOD WISE Solution:Problem in BIOS or RAM ... Read More »

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